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What is Real?



Studio — Six N. Five with Kiwi Bravo

Tasks: 3D Design (Full Credits Below)

We are faced with a game… Did digital photography end with analog photography? Will mobile phones end up with DSLR cameras? Will the 3D digital illustration end with photography? In an era like the current one, in which the technological advances make obsolete what was essential until a week ago, a new element has added to the equation of the future of the generation of visual contents.

The eternal conflict between past and future now arises in the field of photography and there have been two Barcelona studios, one specialized in photography, Kiwi Bravo, and another in 3D digital illustration, Six N. Five, who have presented a project of collaboration with which they intend to reflect on the future of product communication.






Creative Direction: Six N. Five & Kiwi Bravo
Photography: Kiwi Bravo
3D Design: Fede Kanno, Joan Garcia Pons and Ezequiel Pini


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