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Miansai: Resort Delights


Client — Miansai

Miansai’s latest collection exudes a sense of tropical paradise. Each piece is linked to a world of elegance and originality where nature and luxury are found in the most unexpected details. That’s why we wanted to get into the essence of the brand, we decided to get into the freshness. For the last campaign we decided to work with the Pool Resort concept.

Our art direction is inspired by the sophistication of refreshing cocktails and the luxury of a resort vacation. A main feature of the vacation is the cocktails. That’s why one of our signature features of this art direction is the 3D sculpted fruit, crafted with the appearance of glass to evoke the idea of a sparkling, crystalline cocktail glass.

For the model shoot, we wanted to convey the feeling of having just stepped out of the pool. The models wear Miansai jewelry while wrapped in soft bathrobes and relaxing with towels. This combination creates an atmosphere of relaxation and sophistication, showing how jewelry is the ideal accessory for any moment, whether you’re enjoying a lazy day at the pool or exploring a luxury destination.

Creative Direction: Ingrid Picanyol Studio
Design & Animation: Fede Kanno





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