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Studio — Futura   Client — Fondeadora

Tasks: 3D Design

Fondeadora is a digital financial platform in Mexico City that seeks to change traditional banking and improve the lives of thousands of people.

For the art direction of the photographs, we preserved the original concept of breaking with traditional banking. We used Roman columns and rubble to represent the classic and old structures that no longer function to new generations. At the same time, the idea of covering or crossing out was preserved, but through a much more elegant aesthetic, staying away from conventional fintechs and searching for beauty within destruction.

Fondeadora, la tarjeta sin todo lo cruel de los bancos.

A collaboration between @byfutura and @fedekanno, big thanks to @alexlevinton for the cloth simulation.




Client: Fondeadora
Directed & Produced by: Futura
3D Design: Fede Kanno
Cloth Simulation: Alex Levinton


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